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The Polar series is ideal for closed-and open-looped applications up to 500 watts. Each easy-to-use chiller offers a wide range of cooling for quick ramp-up and cool-down of your application. Set your desired temperature with models featuring custom temperature control capabilities.




Designed to provide temperature control with the flexibility needed for demanding applications and performance requirements, while fitting into your laboratory with minimal requirements for energy.




Built for the high quality and reliability you demand, using proven refrigeration components and manufacturing methods to ensure a robust product that you can depend on for years of operation.




Compact, powerful cooling/heating recirculating chillers not only perform to specifications but do so with minimal footprint, efficient use of energy, and little disruption to your quiet laboratory, with less than a 58 dBA rating.


Typical Applications :


Arrow Chemical Reaction Control

Arrow Separations

Arrow Life Science Instrumentation

Arrow Mass Spectroscopy

Arrow Molecular Spectroscopy

Arrow Atomic Spectroscopy

Arrow Surface Science

Arrow Materials Characterization

Arrow Laboratory Automation

Arrow General Laboratory Instrumentation



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