Worthington CXCXR Cryo Container Series Imlab

Cryo container

Thermo Fischer Scientific

Thermo fisher scientific PC300 dompel thermostaten verwarmen en koelen imlab

Dompel Thermostaten

Thermo fisher scientific ARCTIC A10 circulatie thermostaten verwarmen en koelen imlab

Circulatie Thermostaten

Thermo fisher scientific THERMO FLEX900 recirculatie chillers verwarmen en koelen imlab

Recirculatie Chillers

Thermo fischer scientific PRECISION GP 02 waterbaden verwarmen en koelen imlab


Thermo fischer scientific fogging tester verwarmen en koelen imlab

Fogging Tester

Thermo fischer scientific EK dompelkoelers verwarmen en koelen imlab


Thermo etuve sechage chaud froid imlab

Droog ovens

Thermo VACUTHERM chaud froid imlab

Vacuüm ovens

Thermo HERATHERM incubateurs chaud froid imlab


Therm HERACELL incubateurs chaud froid imlab

CO2 incubators


Ohaus ISTHBLCTS thermomixers verwarmen en koelen imlab


Orbitale schudders met verwarming en koeling
Ohaus BLOCK DRY BLOCK HEATERS 1 verwarmen en koelen imlab


Digitale blokverwarmers, één tot vier aluminiumblokken
Ohaus STIRRER verwarmingsplaten verwarmen en koelen imlab


Uitstekende temperatuur regeling, ...


Imlab hotplates allow for precise and safe heating and tempering due to a platform made from glass ceramics that ensures the best possible chemical resistance. The universal lab hotplates offer a high level of safety due to a fixed safety circuit, the Hot Top Indicator, and the error code display. An electronic contact thermometer may be connected for highly precise temperature control.


Verwarmingsplaten Ika


Blokthermostaten Ika

Imlab offers an exemplary and diverse range of dry block heaters designed to accommodate various interchangeable heating blocks. They provide precise temperature control for reproducible results. These digital block heaters are ideal for melting and boiling point determination, enzyme reactions, incubation and activation of cultures, immunoassays, DNA denaturation, culture media tests, coagulation tests, blood urea- nitrogen determinations and in situ hybridizations. In addition, these dry block heaters are also designed for the precise heating of PCR tubes, PCR strips, microcentrifuge tubes, microplates and cuvettes.


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The best choice when it comes to heating and tempering in the lab. Imlab heating baths shine due to their stellar safety characteristics. All baths are equipped with a double jacket for protection against burns and a safety temperature monitor to keep the bath from over heating. Also, the heating bath's safety elements are checked each time it is switched on. Our baths are universally suitable for use with oil or water.


Verwarmingsbaden Ika


Thermostaten Ika

Imlab offers a wide range of high-precision temperature control systems according to DIN 12876 for temperature ranges of -20°C to 250°C. The product portfolio includes immersion circulators, heating bath circulators and recirculating chillers. Precise technology and user-friendly design make temperature control easy for any application. All temperature control instruments meet the highest standards in terms of safety, power and intelligence. In addition, Imlab provides a wide range of accessories for its temperature control systems such as baths, bridges, thermal fluids and much more.



Drying ovens have a wide range of applications: whether in an industrial setting for production, laboratory or quality control or for scientific research and development. They are being used almost daily and require high levels of safety, reliability and user-friendliness. Equipped with these features, they will provide ideal drying results, for burn-in, hardening, tempering or heating.

Drying ovens have a homogeneous temperature distribution and because of the free convection allow for a particularly fast and even drying process. An adjustable vent flap enables improved air exchange and a special insulation minimizes odor development during long-term usage even at high temperatures. Imlab offers an optional glass door oven, enabling permanent visual control of the drying process.


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