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Cabinets for corrosives

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Cabinets for flammables

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Cabinets for toxics

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fume hoods Filtering safety cabinets

Cole-parmer (Ismatec)

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Peristaltic pumps

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Gear pumps

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Rotary piston pumps

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Thermo Fischer Scientific

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Centrifuges Compact


Viscometer determines the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application ranging from the laboratory to quality control. The four devices measure in different viscosity ranges. Regardless of a simple or demanding viscosity measurement – Imlab viscometer delivers rapid and accurate results.


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Micro centrifuge is ideal for applications which do not require ultra high speeds e.g., micro-filtrations and cell separations. These centrifuges feature a compact design and a small footprint which requires minimal bench space. A transparent cover allows for constant observation of the centrifuge and it can be used with both microcentrifuge and PCR strip tubes. As a safety feature, this microfuge will run only when the lid is closed.


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An ergonomic feel combined with uncompromising precise performance: Pipettes can be used for many applications in the modern laboratory. Colour coding simplifies the rapid selection of a suitable pipette. Resistance to impact, UV and chemicals ensures that the tip cone provides long-term reliable dosing. The pipettes are fully autoclavable, therefore ensuring easy sterilization. This guarantees fault-free, precise and safe operation.


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